Clay Pot Still Life Photo

These pots live on a shelf above our fireplace and television. I’ve always liked them for their smooth shapes and thought it’d be fun to photograph them in some way. I decided simple was the way to go. Their smooth texture is contrasted nicely against the rough finish of a concrete wall and distressed plank. Shot on Efke 25 black and white film, developed in Kodak TMax developer.


Flowers are a common photography subject. Overdone, really. But that’s not going to stop me from shooting and sharing my shots of them. From a photographer’s perspective, they’re actually great subjects to shoot. They’re vibrant. They’ve got texture. Their petals, stems and leaves create challenging shadows, much like a human face.

Flowers make great practice in any kind of studio or available light situation.

I took this quite a number of months ago; I’ve just never shared it. I revved up the blacks to create mood and provide focus on the brilliant yellow sunflower, a flower that just might become my favorite.

Shot with Canon 40D, 17mm T/S lens (sweet!), off camera flash stuck in a shoot-through umbrella at camera left and a bit behind the flower.