Flowers are a common photography subject. Overdone, really. But that’s not going to stop me from shooting and sharing my shots of them. From a photographer’s perspective, they’re actually great subjects to shoot. They’re vibrant. They’ve got texture. Their petals, stems and leaves create challenging shadows, much like a human face.

Flowers make great practice in any kind of studio or available light situation.

I took this quite a number of months ago; I’ve just never shared it. I revved up the blacks to create mood and provide focus on the brilliant yellow sunflower, a flower that just might become my favorite.

Shot with Canon 40D, 17mm T/S lens (sweet!), off camera flash stuck in a shoot-through umbrella at camera left and a bit behind the flower.


As mentioned yesterday, there is a well-tended garden near my son’s daycare. This morning, I stopped to get the flowers juxtaposed against the utility boxes. I believe the owner of the house adjacent to this gem of a garden is the mastermind. I’m sure the utility companies aren’t too thrilled with it, but the area of metal boxes is much more…poetic with a flower garden flourishing around it. It’s one of the things that makes a neighborhood a neighborhood. And, well, it has caused me to stop the car to take some pictures on more than several occasions.

Thanks for the look!

Community Garden

On the way to my sons’ daycare is a community garden. Actually, I think it belongs to just one person, and that person has planted beautiful flowers around utility boxes. I stopped the other morning after taking the boys to daycare to get a few photos of the flowers. My next stop will include the utility boxes, as the juxtaposition of the beautiful flowers and the steely utility boxes is too much to pass up.

In the meantime, here are some close ups of the flowers.