The Boys on Plus-X

My kids are often the subject of my photographs. They’re pretty good sports about it. Most of the time. I’ve found that the best time to photograph them is when they are thoroughly engaged in what they’re doing and they don’t much care that I’ve got a big glass eye aimed at them. Such was the case one afternoon in May. Over about the span of a week they were really enjoying playing with their matchbox cars on the stairs. They’d park them along the steps and in between the railing balusters. I decided to put a 50mm on and sit with them while they played and snapped a few shots. I even managed a couple of “posed” shots. There’s a window in the stairwell and the afternoon sun was blasting through. The fabric blinds we have in the window diffused it quite nicely, providing great light.

Kodak Plus-X 125. Developed with care by me.