Junior Rockfest

Douglas County Libraries hired me to photograph the Junior Rockfest event on June 22, 2014. While the weather initially threatened to end the event before it even began, it cleared up making for a beautiful Colorado afternoon. A local “School of Rock” band kicked it off, which was comprised of Denver-area teen musicians. The Okee Dokee Brothers-the headliner-were very energetic and their bluegrass outdoor nostalgia style made me homesick for a good camping trip in the Colorado Rockies. What a fun event!
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Dames of Downton

Recently, I was asked to photograph the Dames of Downton at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. This event featured a stylish afternoon at the mansion with tea and confections and a presentation by author Jessica Fellowes, who spoke about the wildly popular series, Downton Abbey. It was great to see all the folks that went all-in on their wardrobes!

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Hanging Lake

We went to Glenwood Springs for the weekend and one of our many actvities was to hike up to Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon. Once we parked and made our way to the trailhead along the Colorado River, we kept seeing signs about how difficult the hike was. I was a little worried that the boys either wouldn’t enjoy it, wouldn’t make it, or both. At ages 4 and 5, you just never know what you’re going to get with new adventures. To our surprise, they did both! It was indeed a tough high, but they did it with almost no complaints and really seemed to enjoy it.

It’s a relatively short hike at just over a mile, but you gain 1000 feet in elevation over that mile. The last push to the lake is almost vertical. But it is well worth the time and effort. Beautiful views of Glenwood Canyon and Hanging Lake is truly special. I wish I had my tripod with me for some longer exposures of the waterfalls, but I am also glad I didn’t, as the extra weight would have made the hike that much more challenging.

Boreas Pass Star Trails

While staying in Breckenridge with friends in the fall, I woke up in the middle of the night and was instantly awestruck by the stars. Before I knew it, I’m in the car with my gear and heading up Boreas Pass…at 3 a.m. I took this with my Leica M3 and Hektor 13.5 cm lens on Fuji 64T film. Exposure time is approximately 40 minutes.


Star Trails Rain on Breckenridge

We took a long weekend trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with good friends from Virginia. My favorite aspect of being in the mountains is the starry nights they afford us that live in light-polluted areas. It’s breathtaking.

I planted my camera on a tripod on the deck of the house we rented that overlooked Breckenridge for an hour or so while we had some cocktails and conversations. This is the result. One frame at ISO 100, f7.1, and an hour and 45 minutes.



The Boys on Plus-X

My kids are often the subject of my photographs. They’re pretty good sports about it. Most of the time. I’ve found that the best time to photograph them is when they are thoroughly engaged in what they’re doing and they don’t much care that I’ve got a big glass eye aimed at them. Such was the case one afternoon in May. Over about the span of a week they were really enjoying playing with their matchbox cars on the stairs. They’d park them along the steps and in between the railing balusters. I decided to put a 50mm on and sit with them while they played and snapped a few shots. I even managed a couple of “posed” shots. There’s a window in the stairwell and the afternoon sun was blasting through. The fabric blinds we have in the window diffused it quite nicely, providing great light.

Kodak Plus-X 125. Developed with care by me.

The Land

After a busy summer and fall, and suffering some pretty serious computer issues, I’m really excited to start sharing images more frequently.

I did a post some time ago about photographing at a friend’s parent’s house near Bennett, Colorado. I went with my friend on the first day of summer, June 21, and it was an absolutely spectacular evening, and a much needed exploration. Her dad has collected some very interesting artifacts, but I was most intrigued with the decaying tractors on his land and the land itself. I took a lot of photos that night, and because of the number of pictures, I am going to separate this post into three parts. The Land. The Tractors. The Chevy.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.
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